Monday, October 26, 2009

Manic Mondays

This Monday was a teacher planning day, so that meant no school for the kids. I wish I could of said it was a nice relaxing day and that we all got to sleep in and be lazy but that is just not my life now is it?

We all had eye appointments and Caleb and Elora saw the optometrist for the very first time. Unfortunately that took up most of our afternoon. Elora did very well for her age and didn't make a peep even though she was severely nervous and scared. Dr. Ned was very nice to them all. Caleb we found out has been squinting to see far and needs a prescription for glasses so he can see the board. That took us totally by surprise since he never complains and his teacher has never mentioned anything about him complaining he can't see. Dr.Ned asked if his grades were good and I said yes and he too was a little confused but he did say that Caleb was only to wear it in class when looking at the chalk board. Andrew also needs a prescription for glasses and isn't as bad as Caleb and also needs them just for reading the chalk board in class. This weekend we are going to shop around for some glasses and see who can offer us the best deal. Yup soon there will be pictures of the boys in their new glasses.

After our appointments I stopped and got the kids some Sonic for lunch since they were so good at the doctor's office. We came home and I let them be kids. Thankfully my husband helped me clean the house some yesterday so that all that needed to be done today was some sweeping and some laundry.

Mark has duty until midnight and the kids have been playing hard all day since it was a nice breezy 74 outside. Looks like Fall might finally be in the air for us! Tomorrow is the Kindergarten zoo field trip and I can't wait!!

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