Tuesday, May 3, 2011

facial care

Facial care routines...Important? Not so Important?
I know for myself being a 32 yr old woman my skin care routine is becoming more and more important and I as I look at the mirror on a daily basis and realizing all my imperfections I've decided I DO need to make the effort to be more "routine" than I have been in the the past. My Mother (yes my Mom was right about something that I am willing to admit at least) has recommended a new-ish product from a company called NU SKIN oh I just LOVE this stuff. Here is a look into my skin care...

This is Morning/Evening cleanser, toner, & eye cream
These products I use DAY & Night

This is for during the day. Wash, toner, day creme (with SPF 15) and then another SPF 30 -SPF is VERY important these days!


These items the cellatrex and night cream are for evening only

I've recently have been more diligent about all my body care needs. I is important to take care of one self. Soooo on that note while I am "sharing" I am going to share some of my favorites =)

I love this deodorant. Not only does it smell good and with a hint of tropical scent it really WORKS.

This is my new favorite scent along with this one
This one also smells FAB-U-LOUS and is long lasting in moisture & scent

Are there any favorites anyone else wants to share? A MUST have? Let me know! I love trying new products!

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