Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So again my poor blog suffers the rath of a busy life I guess...well maybe not THAT busy but a dash of lazy too lol. But really my schedule will be getting nice and busy here soon especially with school starting back up for the kids in less than 19 days. WoW 19 days...That went by fast. With PTA meetings, board meetings, general meetings, events coming up, planning, planning and more planning along the way this up coming school year will be GREAT, GREAT I SAY!!!

So on to some other things going on in our house. FINALLY going home for the first time in 6 long years. Sure I've seen my Mom every year since we've moved to the east coast. But it's not the same as going HOME. You know the place that you feel comfortable, that you long for, what makes you a little home sick. So I am finally doing it. Getting on that plane, flying across the country and going home. To gorge myself on carne asada fries, taquitos, korean dishes I can't even spell in english oh yeah and visit friends {giggles} lol. I am looking forward to it. Even though crashing on my Mom's sofa isn't too appealing I will deal for the price of the food { & Friends } haha. Last "alone" moment before my husband leaves us for a year.

Yup you read it right leaving, deployed, see you later, talk to you on Skype, letters that take weeks to arrive, care packages, cry in my pillow to fall asleep till you return home,missed phone calls, leaving. All the things I am sure to do and maybe even a few things I haven't mentioned either. The sacrifices we make for our country and freedoms. Thinking about this day is depressing enough and it is soon to be a reality.

Enough with the mushy stuff right?
Lots and lots planned really. Hopefully we will be kept so busy missing him won't take over and cause us chaos.
I do think I have some goals though for when he is gone which are always good to have, right?

finish getting the rest of this weight off

clean out all the cabinets and get rid of ALL the junk

clean out all the closets

re-do the master bedroom

make some fall/halloween decorations for inside and outside the house

blogging challenge (after I count out the days Mark will be gone)

Visit Carrie & the boys and do not only MY kids fall pics but her boy's as well.

- get more clients for photography

I have tons more to put up but this might take all night =)
Stay tuned, things are probably going to get very interesting.


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