Friday, August 5, 2011

One Of Those

So yeah it's one of those...

It's a 2:30 AM blog post. For one I can't sleep just yet. Of course I realize my addiction for the internet, facebook, gmail, etc is completely and utterly out of control lol. With that said here I am posting away.

Today was a healthy day. Not so much food wise, food wise actually was a terrible day, shameful even. Healthy as in an emotional state. Mark and I went to see "The Change Up". We highly recommend this movie. Totally laugh out loud funny with quite of bit of raunchy humor. I won't give anything away but if you like "Bridesmaids", "The Hangover Part 1 & 2", etc it's a must see movie on the list. Definitely not for the kiddie's though. Straight afterwards we picked up Andrew for his session with the infamous Dr.D. Our partial miracle worker. Highly recommend him for an ear to listen if you need it. Anyhow Andrew unfortunately due to his high anxiety, lack of meds right now was just how do I put it delicately? Well he was just plain difficult. Didn't talk much, wouldn't answer questions, and the list can go on, and on, and on...Literally it could. Mark and I just kept discussing all the possibilities of what the issues could be. He is a temperamental child really, always has been. We decided he needed some one on one time. With that being said we treated him to dinner (Of his choice) & a movie (again his choice) with just the TWO of us. Now this is a rare treat for the kids and we are taking every advantage of Mark's Mom still being here with us. Not abusing it, but taking and loving fully the benefits of "living" near a grandparent...not really her living in her own seperate space but you guys get the jist. He loved it. We ate at Golden Corral (see food choices not so healthy), and seen a long movie. Hopefully it brightened his spirits up! I know it certainly did ours.

Today is really a big day for me. With the support of my Husband and my family I know things will work out well. I won't reveal anything just yet, maybe this weekend, maybe next week or even in a month or two. But I am sure I will talk about it here eventually. Until next time.

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