Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Post in 2012 and it's not New Years Day

So, here is the first post in 2012 for us. We have been with out our Daddy for approximately 39 days (since he left for Afghanistan anyway, he has been gone a total of 97 days from training and leaving for Afghanistan). Life with out him here in our daily grind it hasn't been "easy" but I must admit it hasn't been seriously "rough" either. The children being older helps tremendously, activities, & friends help keep us busy, makes the days go by quicker. Not to mention we, well more like "I" chat with him on Facebook just about every day and Skype with him just about every few days or so. His connection there isn't always stable so Skype has proven to be somewhat of a challenge on some days. Have gotten his first "care" package ready and needs to be mailed out.

Enough about him =)

Kids and I have been planning our days some what. Waiting for warmer weather (hey just because we are in Florida doesn't always mean it is warm) and going to enjoy what Florida has to offer us. Like trips to the beach, pool, trips to Orlando, Disney World, & Universal Studios.

I'm not one to wallow in self pity, well not for long anyways. Sure there are days where I feel like it just isn't right with out him here but what can I do? He ISN'T here. So I will do what I do best, PLAN. We will take this Year long deployment not weeks at a time, not even days at a time, but by each event at a time. Sounds better and has us look forward to certain plans we want to accomplish.

Our first big plans of the year

Jan/Feb 2012

1. Tax Return- Now I am sure this sounds petty but who doesn't wait for their tax return? Not a single person I know of. Everyone waits eagerly to see that money hit their account even if it is already spent before it got there. Our tax return means the fun can start to be planned out better for us. It means I can pay off our Universal Studio's passes and not have to have that debt hanging over us, it also means I can purchase our Disney World passes and again not worry about that monthly payment as well. It means I can relax and pay a couple of bills up to a couple months in advance and have some piece of mind & save for when Mark comes home for R&R.

2. Weekend trip to Universal & Disney World ALONE- This will be my very first time ever going to a huge theme park that is 2-2.5 hrs away ALONE with just the kids. I'm not big on going to huge crowded places with out anyone (adult wise) but I am going to do it and were going to have FUN!

March/April 2012

3.Mark's Mom's arrival- Yes I have invited her back since she has no job and gets pretty lonely where she is at. This trip will be shorter than last years. Be sure of that.

4. Spring Break- Having not really done a whole lot on spring breaks before to avoid crowds we are going to brave Disney for 4 days during our Spring Break. Taking Mark's Mom along for the crazy ride!

5. Choosing our next set of orders- This is the month (March) we can "officially" start choosing orders, will be setting our sites on San Diego.

6. My Birthday- even though it will not be celebrated normally I will go ahead and order myself a cake lol.

7. Elora's 8th Birthday- I've decided to do something special this year. Instead of having a birthday party where I have 20 kids that she doesn't play with every single day or might not even like come to our house, make a big mess, and go home I've decided why not something extra special. Considering she only plays with a hand full of girls and has an ABSOLUTE best friend that she will miss terribly when we transfer at the end of the year && Mark's Mom will be in town I am taking Elora and her BFF to Orlando for the weekend and doing anything she wants at Disney.

8. Caleb's Birthday- Yup as you guessed it can't do for one with out doing for the rest. He also wants a day alone with me and one friend to go down to Orlando. Fun times are a head!

Now these are just some of the things that are waiting for us and as we get to each of them time can keep on flying right on by! By these plans alone we have gotten through April and hoping it comes and goes quickly!

Time to get off my tush and go to the store and make some yumminess for an event we were invited to, having good friends is the key to a quick deployment.

Much Love, Hugs, & Smooches


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