Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sundays

Have a Relaxing Sunday

Nothing like a beautiful, bright, breezy, lazy Sunday.
What a perfect way to end the weekend which was much to short.
Monday is always welcome don't get me wrong, they used to be dreaded. But with Mark being gone Monday's will always be welcomed with open arms as it means another week has come and gone.

It has been 54 days since he left. We are 19% through with this deployment. I'm sorry that just seems so low but hey got to start somewhere right?

Nothing exciting this weekend. Maybe next weekend will be filled with excitement. Plan on taking the children to have some much needed FUN!

Our day was spent playing board games (Guess who anyone?), watching movies (still want to be a wizard, how about yourself?), playing with the animals (go get it Murray, Jonjon stop biting Murray's butt!!!), and spending some time outside in the crisp cool January weather. It was a nice way to spend the last weekend in January that is for sure. Lots of pinning going on Pinterest also! Can't wait for Tuesday pinning! Hope everyone had a great relaxing Sunday!

Much Love, Hugs, & Smooches!

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