Friday, March 18, 2011

Laundry Anyone

For the last several months I have been supporting Etsy members and buying deliciously smelling laundry soaps that were home made. Well since I am doing laundry daily and what always seems like a 24/7 cycle I decided to save me some money and the anticipation of having to wait on the mail man I would make my own! I gathered up all the ingredients and yesterday I bought scented oils so my next batch I can try and make nom nom smelling. The detergent works great! And it works out to be about .01 cent per load! Can't beat that now can you!
1 cup borax
1 cup WASHING soda
(not baking soda!!!)
1 bar of fels Naptha soap or Ivory

some ingredients

Finished product
No its not macaroni noodles (Erin)
or Frosted flakes (Vanessa) lol. You take the bar of soap and you can chop it with a food processor OR you can grate it. Being I no longer own a processor I simply just grated it.

and in the washer it went

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