Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm so excited I started finally making time to read books for ME. It has been a long time since I picked out a book I wanted to read and sat down and spent an hour or two engrossed in the fictional lives of others. Currently I'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I know it sounds silly that a 29 yr old woman is reading Harry Potter but you know I'm a kid at heart and of course the books are always much better and detailed than the movie. The Harry Potter series is something I enjoy with my children and I've read them all up until this book which I'm actually proud of LMFAO. Although I'm almost done (couple more days worth of reading) with the order of the phoenix I want to take a break from the series and venture into the first book of the Vampire series Twilight! I had been wanting to read the book before I heard of the movie and for the first time seen the movie trailer today. So my goal is to read the entire 1st book before the movie comes out and then read Harry Potter and the half blood prince and finish that of course before the movie comes out lol.
I wish everyone found more time to read. I've found it extremely relaxing, especially on a rainy day like today to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, drink, snack, and get lost in a book. We've started having reading sessions for all the kids through out the day on the weekened and then they read for an hour before lights out for bed which has been working very well and haven't as many nightmares from the little princess at night which makes for much better sleeping for everyone! It is also weaning them off the tv at night for a source of light which they haven't really complained about. Well off to finish my book (with any luck today will be the day).
Happy reading everyone!

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