Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Rambling

So this week has been the typical busy week in our household. It all really started last weekend on Friday when the boys found out through some friends about "Star Wars" night at the Youth Center. We got them signed up and dropped them off from 7 pm until 11 pm and they had an absolute BLAST! Mark and I were so excited for them. We took Elora out and did a little shopping at Kmart since we needed some more out door power cords cause I got to do my Halloween decorating early that day. I found Andrew his Halloween costume which thankfully this year is the only one I had to buy. *YAY ME* We then proceeded to take her to get some ice cream and walk around a little bit. We picked up the boys at 11 pm and they were so excited showing us their paper light sabers and all the treats they got and talking about their laser tag and all that. They loved it. So Saturday we let them go to the youth center again for Open recreational services and again they had a great time. Sunday I had signed up to volunteer at the consignment sale and worked a 3 hour shift which seemed to go by sooooooo slowly lol. I felt a bit pointless being there really. But I did sign up to volunteer and it would of been rude not to go. So did that and that was the end to that weekend. Monday went and picked up my check from the consignment sale and my items and hung out with a friend for a little bit before Elora had to get out of school. Now why does pre-school seriously have to end at 11:30? UGH. Can't wait for full day lol. This week we had "family" night at the school for a book fair and PTA meeting. We bought the kids each one book they really wanted (since I bought from both scholastic orders previously with in the last month) and the school was serving dinner from Larry's we stuck around and ate some and went home and got them all ready for bed. Other wise our week was full of cub scouts and dance.

Mark hasn't mentioned his friend again which I don't know if she has called him or not. She is supposed to be on the road to Oklahoma by now. We hope she got there safely and can move into military housing there. My heart really goes out to her and her daughter.

Caleb had his tiger cub meeting yesterday and earned his first badge. He was really excited about that. Andrew looked a bit disappointed but when it was explained to him that his meeting didn't happen this week he felt better cause he then understood that when the bears meet it will just be them and the weblos.

I'm quite annoyed that the pre-school has different days off than the elementary school. I do understand why though but it is still quite annoying. Elora has columbus day off and the boys have school and then the boys have the 24th off and she has school.

I haven't been stamping much in which feels like forever but in reality it's only been 2 weeks lol. Just haven't really been in the "mood" for it. Nothing good comes when I try to force my creativity out. I decided to sell my gymbucks which is going nicely so far. I've got the bid up to $15.51 and it still has until Sunday to redeem! So that makes me feel somewhat better bout selling them. They really don't have anything that I can't wait for. Starting to become addicted to the damn monopoly game from McD's @@. For the online game I only am missing one of almost each color to win something lol. For the collectible pieces I have one of the $100,000. pieces lol. I other pieces too of course but just one and I need the other 2 lol.

Here are some pics from the past week:

Some of our decorations

Future Jedi Knights

Elora enjoying her new ballerina jammies and showing us some of the moves lol

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